Our Story

O’Neill Consulting is a retained executive search firm that delivers high-impact talent solutions to clients worldwide. With the client in the center of everything we do, we deliver better results faster and at a greater value.

We build teams that drive impact, change culture, and move industries forward to take your organization to the next level of success. We shape transformative and mutually beneficial relationships between clients and the market, connecting with people on a deeper level, earning their trust, and creating an unparalleled balance of give and take.

Quick Facts

  • Founded by Kevin O’Neill in 1996
  • Retained engagements
  • Global delivery to NA, SA, EMEA, Asia
  • 30 Search Professionals

Fun Fact
The first person O’Neill Consulting placed is still employed by the same client to this day.


As trusted advisors, fearless truth-tellers, and life-changers, we intersect our clients’ need for talent with candidate’s aspirations through a client-centered model, improving our clients’ organizations and the lives of candidates and our team members.


Do the next right thing.
Be responsive.
Commit to straight talk.
Lifelong learners.
Passion for people.