If we don’t honestly face the issues that deplete business resources and sap colleagues’ energy, interest, and morale along with our own, we won’t ever move past analysis paralysis and get the right answer. Now, more than ever before, business demands straight talk because people have become utterly unaccustomed to it…

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About the Author

Kevin R. O'Neill
Kevin R. O'Neill Founder and CEO

Kevin O’Neill is founder and Chief Executive Officer of leading executive search firm O’Neill Consulting Group and also a fearless truth teller. Kevin is ready to call anyone’s bluff at any time, and very willing to reveal his own shortcomings at the drop of a dime. He’s ready to get real any time, but prefers to learn just a bit about new friends and business associates before offering advice or asking for it. Kevin said goodbye to the blarney long ago, so he’s ready to embrace the cold, hard and even embarrassing truth when you are!