We Care

What we do is a business, with lots of complexity and high stakes. But it comes down to people. People we want to treat well, and do our best for. Our dedicated focus to care is at the heart of everything we do. It is the motivation behind our approach, and is what drives our ambition to create a positive experience for everyone we touch during a search – clients, candidates, sources, and references alike.

By delivering great experiences, we help to protect and strengthen our client’s brands while we add value to the lives of candidates. Even those who aren’t hired walk away feeling respected, and share positive things about our client organizations.

You can pretend to care, but you can’t pretend to show up. George L. Bell

Care in Action

Our approach to care consists of a series of touch points that help us achieve our goal of providing the best possible experience for our clients and candidates. It is a process based on the basics of treating people well – founded on the bedrock principles of honesty, trust and commitment.

We dedicate a Care Officer to every project, who serves as an extra ally throughout the assignment. The Care Officer works in concert with our consultants to ensure:

  • We start the search right, setting the trajectory for a successful experience and outcome.
  • We keep clients and candidates informed throughout the search.
  • We value “fearless truth telling” delivering news – good or bad – in a timely fashion so no one is left in the dark.
  • We survey our clients at key project milestones to make sure we are exceeding their expectations.
  • We take a long-view to integration, working with clients and candidates long after the hire date to help ensure successful, lasting placements.
  • We seek honest candidate feedback at the end of every search to continue to improve and personalize the recruiting process.